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Argent Saga LGS Pack 3

Argent Saga LGS Pack 3

USD $ 3.99

Argent Saga Local Game Store Pack 3

LGS Pack Vol 3 will showcase 14 beautiful full art reprint cards and two brand new cards! Each pack will come with one of the 14 available cards, and if you’re lucky you might even find a From the Vault promo card.

LGS Pack Vol 3 contains awesome cards from Ascension who make their full art debut like Gallant Squire, Offensive Cloudsea Formation, and Ritual of Ashes. It also includes cards from Conviction in full art such as Expanding Elemental, Grove Elemental, and Ashborn Conjurer.Upgrade your deck with these full art masterpieces!

Unrestrained Poltergeist and Ceremonial Harpist make sure your opponent is caught off guard! Unrestrained Poltergeist is a tricky unit that forces one player discard the top 3 cards of their deck, and the other player puts the top 3 cards of their deck into the expel zone! This Ruined ability is best used to combo cards that need to be either discarded or expelled and can even get rid of some of the opponent’s cards! Ceremonial Harpist is an excellent Guardian, and replaces herself with a Hallowed Harpist when her Ruined ability triggers! LGS Pack Vol 3 is the first opportunity for players to get Unrestrained Poltergeist and Ceremonial Harpist.