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Argent Saga TCG Set 4 Echoes of Hokken Booster Pack

Argent Saga TCG Set 4 Echoes of Hokken Booster Pack

USD $ 3.99

The seismic blast from Turrim shook the land of Hokken, and mysterious shard pieces began growing out of the ground. The natives of Hokken grew stronger and gained new abilities they did not have before. As time went on, these shards continued to grow and you could feel the continent moving in a direction. The shock from Turrim and the newfound power from these mysterious shards began to wake something deep in Hokken, something so powerful it had never been awakened before. Adventure through the brand new land of Hokken and uncover the lost mystery of the Forgotten One.

This new expansive land is home to a diverse set of life. Large and fearsome dinosaurs rule the blazing hot caldera, while the Sacred Forest is thriving with beast and elementals. Up in the snowy mountains is a secret village, Pengardia, home to brave penguin ninjas. The Hyldians pray to both the Astral of Hope and Astral of Valor longing for their blessing, and Melanite, the Evarie Queen, has a wicked grip over the evarie horde and manipulates the Nightriders to do her work for her. What will the Hokken Adventurer uncover on this new land?

Booster Set 4: Echoes of Hokken is a 136 card set that contains:
• 80 Commons
• 80 Foil Variant Common Cards
• 20 Rare Cards
• 18 Super Rare Cards
• 8 Argent Rare Cards
• 5 Secret Rare Cards
• 9 Serial Cards numbered
• 1-500-5 Box Topper Cards

Argent Saga Set 4 Echoes of Hokken Booster Packs contain 10 cards.