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Digimon TCG Release Special Booster Pack Ver 1.5

Digimon TCG Release Special Booster Pack Ver 1.5

USD $ 6.99

The brand new card game featuring the famous Digimon series continues! Uses the simple but strategic game system created by renowned American game designer Ryan Miller. `Raising` and `Evolving` are the key to victory, just like the original story! Contains various types of illustrations sure to satisfy Digimon collectors and fans!

This set combines the cards from the Japanese releases of Booster Ver. 1-3. Buy this product and Ver.1.0 to collect all the cards from the Japanese versions of Booster Ver. 1-3!

Each Ver 1.5 Booster Box comes with two special promotions:
• Each box will have 1 of 6 Box Topper parallel design Digimon cards! Each box comes with one random parallel design version of a Digimon card from the main booster!
• Each box will also have a Special Box Promotion Pack containing 2 cards! There are 6 cards total, split into pairs. Each box comes with one Special Box Promotion Pack, with a random pair inside!

Visit https://world.digimoncard.com/products/pack/ver3.php to see the possible Box Topper cards as well as the possible contents of the Special Box Promo Packs.

Card types:
• 152 types

• Common : 64 types
• Uncommon : 40 types
• Rare : 35 types
• Super Rare : 10 types
• Secret Rare : 3 types

• 1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards each.

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