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Digimon TCG Version 7 Next Adventure Booster Box Advance Pre-Order Deposit

USD $ 10.00

Digimon TCG Next Adventure (BT-07) Booster Box ADVANCE Pre-Order Deposit

• This is a non-refundable $10.00 DEPOSIT per box for Pre-Orders of the upcoming Digimon Next Adventure (BT-07) Booster Box.

• The ADVANCE Pre-Order window will last until Tuesday, 08/10 at 6:00pm. During the Advance window there is NO LIMIT to the number of boxes you may order.

• Next Adventure (BT-07) Booster Box Pre-Orders are $78.00 for 1 box, $72..50 each for 2 - 11 boxes, and $68.00 each for 12 boxes (1 case) or more.

• If Bandai offers a Pre-release for this set, by Pre-Ordering Next Adventure (BT-07) Booster Boxes you may be able to pick-up some, if not all, of your Pre-Order during the Pre-release weekend which is typically 1 week before the actual Release Date (while Pre-release supplies last).

• Payment for the remainder of the box cost will be due when you receive your Pre-Order or when Next Adventure (BT-07) releases on January 28th, 2022, which ever comes first.

• Only Pre-Orders picked up at DreamDazeCFG are eligible to receive any Digimon Dash Packs or other Promos that Bandai may make available for this set (while supplies last).

• DreamDazeCFG is not responsible for any product allocations or shipping delays imposed by Bandai or it's Distributors that may require us to either reduce and/or delay our customer's orders.