Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)

Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)

USD $4.25

Bobby Ray had it made. One last big job, then it was splitsville, set for life with his girl by his side! Then everything went wrong, and poor Dahlia took a bullet to the brain as they made their escape. Thing is, dear Dahlia didn’t stay dead. Now Bobby’s found himself plunged into a battle of otherworldly proportions, and if he wants to get out of dodge with his skin intact, he’s gonna have to Drive Like Hell!

Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)

FAQs on Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)

How much does "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" cost at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games?

The price of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $4.25.

Who is the publisher of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)"?

The publisher of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" is Dark Horse Comics.

What category does "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" fall under?

"Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)"?

The artist of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" is Alex Cormack. The cover artist is Alex Cormack.

Who is the writer of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)"?

The writer of "Drive Like Hell #1 (Alex Cormack)" is Rich Douek.