Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)

USD $5.50 Curtiss Martins [Writer] Published by-Bliss On Tap

About the Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)

Second printing of the sold out first issue ! Are you ready to duel? In the first issue we meet an FBI Agent tasked with investigating the mysterious deep website Duel.global, which pits its growing number of subscribers against each other in real life, in a race to stop a high schooler who has challenged the site's highest ranked dueler in a match to the death.

Faq's on Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)

The price of "Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $5.50.

The publisher of "Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" is Bliss On Tap.

The genre of "Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" is Action Adventure.

"Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" is Alex Cormack.

The writer of "Duel #1 2nd Printing (Of 10)" is Curtiss Martins.