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Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes Booster Box Pre-Order Deposit

Final Fantasy TCG Dawn of Heroes Booster Box Pre-Order Deposit

USD $ 10.00

**DazeDollar Rewards MAY NOT be used to pay for pre-order deposits. Also please select In-Store Pick-up when completing your Pre-Order purchase. Actual shipping will be charged when the product is ready to ship**

• This is a non-refundable $10.00 DEPOSIT per box for Pre-Orders of the upcoming Final Fantasy Dawn Of Heroes Booster Box.

• Until Thursday, 01/31/23 at 6:00pm there is NO LIMIT to the number of boxes you may order. After that Pre-Orders will be capped at 3 boxes per person.

• Dawn Of Heroes Booster Box Pre-Orders are $124.99 for 1-2 boxes, $114.99 each for 3 - 5 boxes, and $99.99 each for 6 boxes (1 inner case) or more. Upon release Dawn Of Heroes Booster Boxes will be priced at the MSRP of $143.64.

• Payment for the remainder of the Pre-Order will be due when you receive your Pre-Order or when Dawn Of Heroes releases, which ever comes first. Currently Dawn Of Heroes is scheduled to release on 08/04/23 however this date may be changed by Square Enix.

• Pre-Orders must be completely paid for within 14 days of availability, otherwise the product will be returned to stock and any/all Deposits will be forfeited.

• Only Pre-Orders picked up at DreamDazeCFG are eligible to receive any Final Fantasy Promos that Square Enix may make available for this set (while supplies last).

• DreamDazeCFG is not responsible for any product allocations or shipping delays imposed by Square Enix or it's Distributors that may require us to either reduce and/or delay our customer's orders. Refunds will be offered if due to allocations we must reduce a Pre-Order.

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