Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)

USD $13.99 David Arquette [Writer] Published by-Heavy Metal Magazine

About the Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)

Heavy Metal kicks off a new year of publishing the best science-fiction, fantasy, and horror stories in the comic book industry! David Arquette (Scream 5) and Cliff Dorfman introduce their new historical fiction tale Valentine, Ryan K. Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz conclude the saga of Black Beacon, Savage Circus comes to a gruesome end by Brendan Columbus and Al Barrionuevo, Matthew Medney's Darkwing reaches its penultimate chapter with German Ponce, the high-flying fantasy series Starward by Steve Orlando and Ivan Shavrin heads toward its final act, and legendary former Marvel E-I-C Jim Shooter discusses being blacklisted in comics in a no holds barred interview!

Faq's on Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)

The price of "Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $13.99.

The publisher of "Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" is Heavy Metal Magazine.

The genre of "Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" is Fantasy.

"Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" falls under the category of Magazines.

The artist of "Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" is Al Barrionuevo.

The writer of "Heavy Metal #313 Cover A (Mature)" is David Arquette.