Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel

USD $14.99 George O'Connor [Writer] Published by-Comixtribe

About the Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel

What's the worst part of trying to survive the apocalypse? Aliens? Zombies? Killer robots? Nope-it's your freakin' kids! With tongues firmly planted in cheek and hearts on sleeves, an all-star group of creators including Alex Cormack, Kath Lobo, Jordi Perez, Clay McCormack, and more take your favorite sci-fi and apocalyptic tropes and show how having your kids with you during the end of the world would make everything so-so-much harder.

Faq's on Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel

The price of "Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $14.99.

The publisher of "Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" is Comixtribe.

The genre of "Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" is Horror.

"Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" is Alex Cormack. The cover artist is Alex Cormack.

The writer of "Toddler Pocalypse Graphic Novel" is George O'Connor.