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Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel

Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel

USD $6.50

Eight-year-old Ona has lost just about everything: her home, her possessions, her mother, and almost her life. When she and her father move into her Baba's apartment complex after these traumatic events, they're hoping for a clean start. But a mysterious specter follows her, and Ona befriends the ghost she discovers haunting the boiler room. When her new friendship starts allowing her to see other ghosts who haunt the residents of her building, she decides to use her ability to help her new neighbors free themselves from their specters. In doing so, however, Ona must eventually come face to face with a much darker foe-her own grief. The earnestness of Judy Bloom meets the raw emotion of I Kill Giants in this beautifully hopeful dw

Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel

FAQs on Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel

How much does "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" cost at Fantom Comics?

The price of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" at Fantom Comics is USD $6.50.

Who is the publisher of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel"?

The publisher of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" is Vault Comics.

What is the genre of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel"?

The genre of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" is Kids.

What category does "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" fall under?

"Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel"?

The artist of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" is Lisa Larose. The cover artist is Lisa Larose.

Who are the writers of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel"?

The writers of "Ghoster Heights Graphic Novel" are Kelly Mellings, and Corey Lansdell.