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Primos Graphic Novel

Primos Graphic Novel

USD $9.99

Centuries ago, two Mayan brothers constructed a spacecraft that sent them hurtling into outer space. Returned to Earth only to find their culture and civilization destroyed, one of the brothers vows revenge and seeks to decimate the planet with intergalactic technology gathered on his travels. To prevent this, his sibling creates a contingency plan that activates the world's protectors - descendants of their own family. Now, the fate of the planet lies in the hands of three cousins scattered throughout Central and North America who have never even met

Primos Graphic Novel

FAQs on Primos Graphic Novel

How much does "Primos Graphic Novel" cost at Fantom Comics?

The price of "Primos Graphic Novel" at Fantom Comics is USD $9.99.

Who is the publisher of "Primos Graphic Novel"?

The publisher of "Primos Graphic Novel" is AWA Publishing.

What is the genre of "Primos Graphic Novel"?

The genre of "Primos Graphic Novel" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Primos Graphic Novel" fall under?

"Primos Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Primos Graphic Novel"?

The artist of "Primos Graphic Novel" is Carlo Barberi. The cover artist is Dave Johnson.

Who is the writer of "Primos Graphic Novel"?

The writer of "Primos Graphic Novel" is Al Madrigal.