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2000 AD #1632

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(W/A) Various
The UK's cult weekly SF, fantasy, and horror anthology title features a stunning line-up of writers and artists! Discover the outcome of the shocking events in Judge Dredd: Backlash by John Wagner and Carl Critchlow; Dirty Frank must stop the city plunging into a crisis of Biblical proportions in Low Life: Creation by Rob Williams and D'Israeli; Russian rogue Nikolai Dante is back and leading a revolution in "An Army of Thieves and Whores" by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser; The 86ers make their last stand against the Norts in "Under Pressure" by Arthur Wyatt and PJ Holden; Bill Savage returns in the fifth book of the series "1984," courtesy of Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard, as the Volgans scour the city for him; Lucifer tests the loyalty his most trusted lieutenant in "Necrophim" by Tony Lee and Lee Carter; and take a trip to the deadliest planet in the galaxy in all-new series "Zombo" by Al Ewing and Henry Flint!

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