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30 Days of Night 30 Days Til Death #2

USD $ 3.99

David Lapham (w & a & c)
The Elder's death squad hits the shores of America bringing a wave of butchery that will have even the most bloodthirsty vampire's knees knocking. Meanwhile, in Buffalo New York, Rufus's plans to blend in hit a snag when his nightly feedings begin to attract too much attention. On top of that, he may have bitten off more than he can chew with the now cleaned-up Sarafina, whose big mouth is getting Rufus in one awkward situation after another. Going cold turkey on blood is a near impossible task for any vampire, but on top of that having to be... nice to his neighbors? Something's got to break. Find out what in chapter two of David Lapham's 30 Days tale, "Hunger Pangs."

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