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Art of Tara Mcpherson Hardcover Volume 02 Lost Constellations

USD $ 22.95

(W/A/CA) Tara McPherson. Loss, love, and loneliness. Altered forms and transfigured ideas. Power and vulnerability. Parallel universes of the heart and mind. Space and time. In a few brief years, the stunning visual oeuvre of Tara McPherson has grown and evolved at thrilling speed. Expanding beyond the limits of rock-poster art into the worlds of commercial illustration and fine art, her paintings, drawings, toys, sculptures, and installations have pushed her influence and authority across the breadth of creative expression and helped redefine the boundaries of pop surrealism. Lost Constellations: The Art of Tara McPherson Volume 2 is the compelling road map to the artist's most recent and ambitious journeys in paint, pencil, and sculpture. Tara and her work have been featured in numerous publications and websites, including Vanity Fair, Elle, the New York Observer, Juxtapoz, and Bust. Dark Horse Deluxe has a successful line of Tara McPherson products, including stationery, journals, and a spectacular Hellboy Qee. Foreword by Tim Biskup!