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Comic Book Creator #5

USD $ 8.95

Comic Book Creator #5 gets cooking with our 'All This, and Denis' Kitchen Sink, Too' number! We talk with the creator of many hats - cartoonist, publisher, author, CBLDF firebrand, and art agent (and world-renowned Nancy and Li'l Abner collector) - to discuss his friendships with Harvey Kurtzman, R. Crumb, Will Eisner, and many more; never mind his achievements as legendary underground comix publisher at Kitchen Sink Press. Plus, we examine the supreme artistry of John Romita, Jr.; Bill Everett's final splash; delve into the nefarious backroom dealings of Stolen Comic Book Art; and ascend The Gods of Mt. Olympus, a '70s gem by Johnny Achziger, Joe Staton and John Workman; and, natch, we throw Hembeck into the pot to spice things up in our flavor-filled fifth ish! Edited by Jon B. Cooke.