• 3 New Stories
3 New Stories

3 New Stories

USD $ 3.99

(W/A/CA) Dash Shaw. Three full-color short stories exploring varied dystopian societies, from a Sherlock Holmesstyle investigator who must complete his high school degree to filmed 'voluntary' nudity to prison camps full of jaded children.

3 New Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "3 New Stories" cost at ?

The price of "3 New Stories" at is USD $3.99.

Who is the publisher of "3 New Stories"?

The publisher of "3 New Stories" is Fantagraphics Books.

What is the genre of "3 New Stories"?

The genre of "3 New Stories" is Drama.

What category does "3 New Stories" fall under?

"3 New Stories" falls under the category of Zines.