• A Body Beneath
A Body Beneath

A Body Beneath

USD $ 15.00

A Body Beneath collects issues two through five of Michael DeForge's multi-award winning anthology Lose. DeForge's singular vision reveals the menace in the mundane, the humor in the horrific. He has crafted a phantasmagoria of stories that feature a spider-infested pet horse head, post-apocalyptic dogs dealing with existential angst, the romantic undertones of a hired hit, and more.

Michael DeForge was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He currently lives and works in Toronto as a cartoonist, commercial illustrator, and as an effects, props, and character designer for the hit Cartoon Network program Adventure Time.

A Body Beneath

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "A Body Beneath" cost at ?

The price of "A Body Beneath" at is USD $15.00.

Who is the publisher of "A Body Beneath"?

The publisher of "A Body Beneath" is Koyama Press.

What is the genre of "A Body Beneath"?

The genre of "A Body Beneath" is Art Comics.

What category does "A Body Beneath" fall under?

"A Body Beneath" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "A Body Beneath"?

The artist of "A Body Beneath" is Michael Deforge. The cover artist is Michael Deforge.</span>

Who is the writer of "A Body Beneath"?

The writer of "A Body Beneath" is Michael Deforge.