Art of Enric Hardcover

Art of Enric Hardcover

USD $49.00 Manel Domínguez Navarro [Writer] Published by-Fpg

About the Art of Enric Hardcover

ENRIC: SAID BY MANY TO BE THE BEST VAMPIRELLA ARTIST! This book contains approximately 100 of Enric's fabulous Vampirella oil paintings, half of which have never before been published. Enric Torres-Prat has long been a fan favorite among comics and illustration fans, most of whom were introduced to his work by the incredible cover paintings that he created for Warren Publishing's EERIE and CREEPY magazines, and especially his breathtaking VAMPIRELLA magazine covers. With a career spanning more than 50 years, Enric has been involved in almost every area of publishing and fine art, including comics, gallery exhibitions, magazines, and paperback books. While equally at home in many different genres - from horror, to science fiction, to westerns, and more - Enric is perhaps most revered for his unmatched skills at rendering the female form. His passion and ability for painting beautiful women make his art instantly recognizable, and this book contains hundreds of those wonderful paintings and drawings. This large and comprehensive 352-page hardcover book takes us all on a journey through Enric's entire career, from his earliest comic book work, right up to his most recent sought-after private commissions, which continue to be in high demand to this day. His popular art for CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA magazines and images of such iconic characters as Conan, Red Sonja, Super Girl, Tarzan, and Wonder Woman are all here. Also included is a detailed biography on the artist - a 40-page interview containing many never-seenbefore photos - which compliments the artwork, by giving us a deep insight into what makes him tick. We hope you'll join us for THE art book that celebrates the fantastic art of Enric!

Faq's on Art of Enric Hardcover

The price of "Art of Enric Hardcover" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $49.00.

The publisher of "Art of Enric Hardcover" is Fpg.

The genre of "Art of Enric Hardcover" is Art and Reference Books.

"Art of Enric Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Books.

The artist of "Art of Enric Hardcover" is Enric Torres-Prat. The cover artist is Enric.

The writer of "Art of Enric Hardcover" is Manel Domínguez Navarro.