Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel

Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel

USD $20.00 Joan Steacy [Writer] Published by-Conundrum Press

About the Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel

A memoir of triumph over the education system. When Joan Steacy graduated from High School in 1974, she left her small town behind to embark on a lifelong quest for education. In Aurora Borealice, Steacy explores her personal journey through alter-ego Alice, a functional illiterate with a creative mind and an astonishing amount of artistic skill. The book is a lesson in perseverance and ultimately believing in yourself regardless of the challenges thrown your way.

Faq's on Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel

The price of "Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $20.00.

The publisher of "Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" is Conundrum Press.

The genre of "Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" is Reality Based.

"Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" is Joan Steacy.

The writer of "Aurora Borealice Graphic Novel" is Joan Steacy.