Batman Secret Files #3

Batman Secret Files #3

USD $4.99

Spinning out of the pages of Batman! Discover the origins and motivations behind the cabal of assassins who have come to Gotham to stop Batman from enacting his plans to save the city-including Deathstroke, Cheshire, Merlyn, and the new threats of Mr. Teeth and Gunsmith. What brought this team together, and who is frightening enough to boss Deathstroke around? It's five killer tales from five killer creative teams in this can't-miss issue!

Batman Secret Files #3

FAQs on Batman Secret Files #3

How much does "Batman Secret Files #3" cost at Gutter Pop Comics?

The price of "Batman Secret Files #3" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $4.99.

What brand is "Batman Secret Files #3" associated with?

"Batman Secret Files #3" is associated with the Batman brand.

Who is the publisher of "Batman Secret Files #3"?

The publisher of "Batman Secret Files #3" is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "Batman Secret Files #3"?

The genre of "Batman Secret Files #3" is Superheroes.

What category does "Batman Secret Files #3" fall under?

"Batman Secret Files #3" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Batman Secret Files #3"?

The artist of "Batman Secret Files #3" is Sumit Kumar. The cover artist is Guillem March.

Who is the writer of "Batman Secret Files #3"?

The writer of "Batman Secret Files #3" is James Tynion IV.