• Comics Journal #292
Comics Journal #292

Comics Journal #292

USD $ 11.95

edited by Gary Groth, Mike Dean & Kristy Valenti Gary Groth interviews father and son cartoonists Gene and Kim Deitch. Academy-award-winning Gene Deitch, whose wide-ranging career has spanned over 60 years, talks about doing illustrations for The Record Changer, directing cartoons such as Munro and Krazy Kat, and creating his comic strip Terr'ble Thompson.

Comics Journal #292

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "Comics Journal #292" cost at ?

The price of "Comics Journal #292" at is USD $11.95.

Who is the publisher of "Comics Journal #292"?

The publisher of "Comics Journal #292" is Fantagraphics Books.

What is the genre of "Comics Journal #292"?

The genre of "Comics Journal #292" is Comic Journalism.

What category does "Comics Journal #292" fall under?

"Comics Journal #292" falls under the category of Magazines.