Conversation #1

Conversation #1

USD $2.50

James Kochalka and Craig Thompson -- two of our best cartoonists -- go head-to-head in this free-wheeling collaboration/argument, discussing art and religion, confronting each other and playfully confronting God in one of the best comics "jams" ever set to paper. Kochalka and Thompson draw together, trading the pages back and forth, adding to each others drawings as the conversation turns in unexpected directions. A wild energy forms as their two drawing styles merge together. It's like a comics version of My Dinner with Andre, but with a giant killer octopus. -- 48 pages, Comic Book

Conversation #1

FAQs on Conversation #1

How much does "Conversation #1" cost at Gutter Pop Comics?

The price of "Conversation #1" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $2.50.

Who is the publisher of "Conversation #1"?

The publisher of "Conversation #1" is Top Shelf Productions.

What category does "Conversation #1" fall under?

"Conversation #1" falls under the category of Minicomics & Zines.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Conversation #1"?

The artist of "Conversation #1" is Craig Thompson. The cover artist is James Kochalka.

Who is the writer of "Conversation #1"?

The writer of "Conversation #1" is James Kochalka.