Dirty Diamonds #9 Being

Dirty Diamonds #9 Being

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About the Dirty Diamonds #9 Being

This is a book about being true to yourself. This is a book about finding our what motivates and drives you in the face of challenges and others' expectations. This is a book about carving out a space in this world where you feel like your most true and authentic self.

We feature comics about making mistakes, feeling like a mistake, and learning to grow because of them. Stories delve into family and multi-cultural identities, and making sure to honor those histories while also understanding your place among them. There are experiences with cancer, surgery, and concussions that made creators feel as though they no longer recognized themselves, and how they've started on the path to recovery.

This is a book about strength, resolve, failure, and struggle. These are comics that show the importance of taking time for yourself, forgiving yourself, and believing in what you're able to do.

This book is inspiration. This book shows journeys. This book is about how being your best isn't as important as letting yourself be exactly what you need to be right now.

Let's find our truth.

Dirty Diamonds #9: Being features comics from 65 contributors in a massive collection about being true to yourself through struggles and failure, and believing in your own strength, resolve, and what you're able to be.

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