Ginseng Roots #3

Ginseng Roots #3

USD $6.00

Ginseng Roots unearths the earliest recorded knowledge of ginseng and its healing properties. From the mythic figure that first discovered it: Shennong, the god of farming and medicine, through tales of ginseng hunters in the mountains of ancient China, to the first ever International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival in the author's hometown. A red thread of history and time binds the ginseng buyers from Asia with rural growers in America.

Ginseng Roots #3

FAQs on Ginseng Roots #3

How much does "Ginseng Roots #3" cost at Gutter Pop Comics?

The price of "Ginseng Roots #3" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $6.00.

Who is the publisher of "Ginseng Roots #3"?

The publisher of "Ginseng Roots #3" is Uncivilized Comics.

What is the genre of "Ginseng Roots #3"?

The genre of "Ginseng Roots #3" is Educational.

What category does "Ginseng Roots #3" fall under?

"Ginseng Roots #3" falls under the category of Minicomics & Zines.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Ginseng Roots #3"?

The artist of "Ginseng Roots #3" is Craig Thompson. The cover artist is Craig Thompson.

Who is the writer of "Ginseng Roots #3"?

The writer of "Ginseng Roots #3" is Craig Thompson.