• Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)
Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)

Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)

USD $ 5.99

Dead inside? Hair on the blink? House tornado liquidizing the furniture? Here's a fab new rectangle from Steve Aylett. You'll have a field day with this shredding medley of smashed treasure and murky diatribes. Eternity, My favorite!

Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" cost at ?

The price of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" at is USD $5.99.

Who is the publisher of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)"?

The publisher of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Floating World Comics.

What is the genre of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)"?

The genre of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Humor.

What category does "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" fall under?

"Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" falls under the category of Zines.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)"?

The artist of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Steve Aylett.

Who is the writer of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)"?

The writer of "Hyperthick #1 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Steve Aylett.