Long Time Relationship Hardcover

Long Time Relationship Hardcover

USD $19.95 Published by-Drawn & Quarterly

About the Long Time Relationship Hardcover

For the past two years, legendary cartoonist Julie Doucet has spent much of her time in her Montreal studio producing a series of bold lino-cut prints and now for the first time ever they are collected in Long Time Relationship, a beautifully-produced book available exclusively in this cloth edition. The book is divided into six chapters, each focusing on a theme; one is a series of eerily compelling portraits based on a dozen family photographs Doucet found discarded in a garbage can in Berlin. In another series, Doucet explores gender issues as no one else can with twenty hilarious, somewhat unflattering portraits of the "modern man". She deftly explores other themes, ranging from fortune cookies to female sexuality (go figure!), and everything is neatly encompassed in this sharply-designed art book. Julie Doucet is internationally renowned for her wry, sexually-charged work, a sort of "female R. Crumb" of comics. She is the author of four books, including the 2000 Firecracker Award-Winner My New York Diary.

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