Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)

Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)

USD $10.00 Jason T. Mi [Writer] Jason T. Miles [Writer] Published by-Floating World Comics

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About the Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)

Lady Die and her Customer Service Vampires trash Gary Ghoulash's rooftop BBQ. Missus Puddington pays tribute to Hims the kitten. Stoker gets bit by a bat! Gary's grievously injured! A spooky detour! Lady Die's origin. EEK! Secret Santa pulls the swords from his eyes and Edge City will never be the same!! Cue The Cramps, drop yer pants, and let's dance!

Faq's on Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)

The price of "Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $10.00.

The publisher of "Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Floating World Comics.

The genres of "Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" are Horror, and Humor.

"Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" falls under the category of Minicomics & Zines.

The artist of "Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" is Shaky Kane. The cover artist is Shaky Kane.

The writers of "Monster Fan Club #2 (Mature) (Of 3)" are Jason T. Mi, and Jason T. Miles.