New School Hardcover

New School Hardcover

USD $39.99 Dash Shaw [Writer] Published by-Fantagraphics Books

About the New School Hardcover

In this brand new graphic novel from the acclaimed author of Bottomless Belly Button and BodyWorld, Dash Shaw dramatizes the story of a boy moving to an exotic country and his infatuation with an unfamiliar culture that quickly shifts to disillusionment. A sense of 'being different' grows to alienation, until he angrily blames this once-enchanting land for his feelings of isolation. All of this is told through the fantastical eyes of young Danny, a boy growing up in the '90s fed on dramatic adventure stories like Jurassic Park and X-Men. Danny's older brother, Luke, travels to a remote island to teach English to the employees of ClockWorld, an ambitious new amusement park that recreates historical events. When Luke doesn't return after two years, Danny travels to ClockWorld to convince Luke to return to America. But Luke has made a new life, new family, and even a new personality for himself on ClockWorld, rendering him almost unrecognizable to his own brother. Danny comes of age as he explores the island, ClockWorld, and fights to bring his brother home. New School is unlike anything in the history of the comics medium: at once funny and deadly serious, easily readable while wildly artistic, personal and political, familiar and completely new.

Faq's on New School Hardcover

The price of "New School Hardcover" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $39.99.

The publisher of "New School Hardcover" is Fantagraphics Books.

The genre of "New School Hardcover" is Drama.

"New School Hardcover" falls under the category of Hardcover Graphic Novels.

The artist of "New School Hardcover" is Dash Shaw. The cover artist is Dash Shaw.

The writer of "New School Hardcover" is Dash Shaw.