Odds Off

Odds Off

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Matt Madden [Writer]

About the Odds Off

Detailing the complexities of a dissolving relationship between an easy-going Franco-phile named Morgan and his world-weary pre-med girlfriend Shirin, Odds Off is framed by the three-month period between New Year's Eve and Now Rooz, the Iranian New Year. Enter grad student Lance whose infatuation with Morgan and increasing writer's block sets the stage for Madden's surehanded mixture of traditional realism with formalist tricks. Never allowing his dedication to experimentation to interfere with his storytelling, Madden has created a work that is multi-layered, dense, moving and funny. Last year's cathartic blowout, Black Candy, was hailed as modern-day classic and Odds Off is sure to create the same kind of critical fervor.

Faq's on Odds Off

The price of "Odds Off" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $3.00.

The genres of "Odds Off" are Drama, Reality Based, and Slice Of Life.

"Odds Off" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Odds Off" is Matt Madden. The cover artist is Matt Madden.

The writer of "Odds Off" is Matt Madden.