Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel

Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel

USD $12.00 Rick Trembles [Writer] Published by-Conundrum Press

About the Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel

Schoolyard scuffles. Seedy matinees. Run-ins with inept riot cops. Representation Immobilized is an unflinching look through the smudged lenses of Rick Trembles' glasses at his early years in Montreal. After a midnight move from a crumbling apartment Trembles gradually started bringing all his childhood belongings back, bit by bit, which started triggering memories from his past. Worried about them fading from memory as time wore on, he took the opportunity to document them before they could vanish. One of his last entries in this series questioned the nature of selective memory, why certain inanities from one's past might resonate more than others

Faq's on Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel

The price of "Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" at Gutter Pop Comics is USD $12.00.

The publisher of "Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" is Conundrum Press.

The genre of "Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" is Humor.

"Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" is Rick Trembles. The cover artist is Cosmic Debri.

The writer of "Representation Immobilized Graphic Novel" is Rick Trembles.