2000 AD Prog #2311

2000 AD Prog #2311

NZD $13.95

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The last regular issue of 2022 features the climax to Judge Dredd: 'The Rematch' by Ken Niemand and Steven Austin, plus the first book of Enemy Earth wraps up, and Hope's delve into magic becomes treacherous in '...in the Shadows' Reel Two!

2000 AD Prog #2311

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FAQs on 2000 AD Prog #2311

How much does "2000 AD Prog #2311" cost at Heroes for Sale?

The price of "2000 AD Prog #2311" at Heroes for Sale is NZD $13.95.

Who is the publisher of "2000 AD Prog #2311"?

The publisher of "2000 AD Prog #2311" is Rebellion.

What is the genre of "2000 AD Prog #2311"?

The genre of "2000 AD Prog #2311" is Action Adventure.

What category does "2000 AD Prog #2311" fall under?

"2000 AD Prog #2311" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "2000 AD Prog #2311"?

The artist of "2000 AD Prog #2311" is Steven Austin. The cover artist is Greg Staples.

Who is the writer of "2000 AD Prog #2311"?

The writer of "2000 AD Prog #2311" is Kenneth Niemand.