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Asterix Graphic Novel Volume 7 Asterix And The Big Fight

NZD $ 22.95

A fight between chiefs - just the occasion Vitalstatistix has been dying for so he can at last show off! And, as you can imagine, he makes the most of it, organising a press conference so he can announce in Pilote magazine that an adventure which he feels can at last measure up to him has begun.

Since then people have rather boringly tried to explain that Asterix had a lot to do with the French statesman Charles de Gaulle (who in fact made great use of press conferences to explain his policies). Here though, Goscinny and Uderzo are just having fun caricaturing the press conferences of the man. That's all, folks!

The idea of a blow bringing on amnesia is a classic comic device, shown here by the use of the menhir and cleverly adapted to the Celts. Sheer delight.

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