Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)

Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)

NZD $3.90
NZD $6.00

Ben and NoLimitz must fight through an army of mutant cops and some complicated family issues to seek out food and porn (you know, the essentials), which they believe are being held captive by culture-devouring hipster demons, hiding in the skull of a towering robot.

Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)

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FAQs on Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)

How much does "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" cost at Heroes for Sale?

The price of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" at Heroes for Sale is NZD $3.90.

Who is the publisher of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)"?

The publisher of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" is Silver Sprocket.

What is the genre of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)"?

The genre of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" fall under?

"Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" falls under the category of Minicomics & Zines.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)"?

The artist of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" is Ben Passmore. The cover artist is Ben Passmore.

Who is the writer of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)"?

The writer of "Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 (Mature) (Of 4)" is Ben Passmore.