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Transformers TCG - Blaster Vs Soundwave Deck 35th Anniversary Edition

NZD $ 129.95

Battle with two fan-favorite Transformers characters with the Blaster vs Soundwave decks!

This limited edition version targeting collectors features the same card content as the retail edition, but with packaging and card art based on the original “G1” toy line.

Each pack features two complete and ready-to-play teams and decks, including 2 large foil character cards, 6 small foil character cards, and 80 Battle cards.

• Box and card artwork based on Gen 1 toy line.
• Each pack contains 2 complete ready to play decks.
• Limited edition version.

• 2 x large foil character cards.
• 6 x small foil character cards.
• 80 x Battle cards.