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Alien RPG - Corebook

Alien RPG - Corebook

CAD $69.99

The ALIEN tabletop roleplaying game is a beautifully illustrated full-color hardcover book of 392 pages, both presenting the world of ALIEN in the year 2183 and a fast and effective ruleset designed specifically to enhance the ALIEN experience. The rules of the game are based on the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, used in award-winning games such as Tales from the Loop and Mutant: Year Zero, but adapted and further developed to fully support and enhance the core themes of ALIEN: horror and action in the cold darkness of space.

Alien RPG - Corebook

FAQs on Alien RPG - Corebook

How much does "Alien RPG - Corebook" cost at Heroes' Beacon Comics & Games?

The price of "Alien RPG - Corebook" at Heroes' Beacon Comics & Games is CAD $69.99.

What brand is "Alien RPG - Corebook" associated with?

"Alien RPG - Corebook" is associated with the Aliens brand.

Who is the publisher of "Alien RPG - Corebook"?

The publisher of "Alien RPG - Corebook" is Free League Publishing.

What is the genre of "Alien RPG - Corebook"?

The genre of "Alien RPG - Corebook" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Alien RPG - Corebook" fall under?

"Alien RPG - Corebook" falls under the category of Role Playing Games.