Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)

Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)

USD $3.99 Donny Cates [Writer] Published by-Image Comics

About the Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)

NEW STORY ARC Oliver Harrison sounds more like a cursed man than the chosen one: psych wards, confrontations with the authorities, reality shifts, hexes, hallucinations, and bloody crime scenes. At least he has his lovely Elynor to come home to, right? …RIGHT?! Join us as the next epic VANISH arc begins right here!

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Faq's on Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)

The price of "Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" at Memory Lane Comics is USD $3.99.

The publisher of "Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" is Image Comics.

The genre of "Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" is Superheroes.

"Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" is Ryan Stegman. The cover artist is Skottie Young.

The writer of "Vanish #5 Cover C Young (Mature)" is Donny Cates.