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Wonder Woman Adventure Paperback (Small) Volume 1 Diana & Island of No Return

USD $ 7.99

Twelve-year-old Princess Diana is fierce and loves her island home of Themyscira. Her deepest wish is to be able to train with the rest of the Amazons and protect her homeland, but she's not even allowed to hold a sword. This is the year Diana hopes to persuade her mother, Queen Hippolyta, to let her learn how to fight. But at the start of a festival an unexpected and forbidden visitor - a boy! - brings news of an untold danger that threatens Themyscira and all of its sacred neighboring lands. It's up to Diana and her best friend, Princess Sakina, to save them, even if it means tangling with a cunning demon who reveals that a terrifying force is out to capture Diana against her will. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.