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Civil War II Kingpin Graphic Novel

USD $ 15.99

(W) Matthew Rosenberg, Stan Lee (A) Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, John Romita (CA) Aaron Kuder. When Earths heroes go to war, that only spells opportunity for the villains! And few have the knowhow to take advantage like the Kingpin! For while an Inhuman with the ability to predict the future has inspired a clampdown on crime before it can even happen, Wilson Fisk has managed to stay one step ahead of the good guys and his business is booming! But whats his secret? One things for sure his competitors are jealous and thats bad news for Fisks men. Worse still, Fisk has reason to believe that one of his own is plotting against him. But enemies inside and out are nothing compared to the ultimate threat to his empire the Punisher! As conflict rages all around him, can Wilson Fisk stay the Kingpin of a world without crime? Collecting CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN #1-4, plus the classic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #51. Rated T+