Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz

Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz

USD $34.00 Published by-Games Workshop

About the Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz

You get five mulit-part plastic Ork Stormboyz, including: 10 head variations, five different torso-fronts and five body variations allowing you to assemble a unique looking squad. This set contains a host of accessories and additional parts allowing to further customise your squad, and even includes a Gretchin with his very own rocket pack. Models supplied with 25mm round bases. Miniatures come unpainted and unassembled in their original packaging.

Faq's on Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz

The price of "Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz" at Oiltown Comics is USD $34.00.

"Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz" is associated with the Warhammer 40K brand.

The publisher of "Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz" is Games Workshop.

The genre of "Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz" is Miniature Gaming.

"Warhammer 40K Orks: Stormboyz" falls under the category of Miniature Gaming.