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2 Harpy Miniatures

2 Harpy Miniatures

USD $8.99

Comes with 2 Harpy Reaper Bones Black Miniatures

2 Harpy Miniatures

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FAQs on 2 Harpy Miniatures

How much does "2 Harpy Miniatures" cost at Oiltown Comics?

The price of "2 Harpy Miniatures" at Oiltown Comics is USD $8.99.

Who is the publisher of "2 Harpy Miniatures"?

The publisher of "2 Harpy Miniatures" is Reaper Miniatures.

What is the genre of "2 Harpy Miniatures"?

The genre of "2 Harpy Miniatures" is Fantasy.

What category does "2 Harpy Miniatures" fall under?

"2 Harpy Miniatures" falls under the category of Role Playing Game Miniatures.