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Noisy Trucks (Board Book)

Noisy Trucks (Board Book)

USD $14.99

Young readers will love to feel the different textures and hear the truck sounds in this interactive, sturdy board book designed for children ages 3 and up. Includes an on/off switch on the back cover to extend battery life.
Touch, feel, and hear the trucks on every page of this sturdy board book. Engaging photographs and appealing textures encourage young readers to explore the exciting world of trucks. Press the touch-and-feels to hear five realistic truck sounds, with a button on the last page to play all five sounds again!

Noisy Trucks (Board Book)

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FAQs on Noisy Trucks (Board Book)

How much does "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" cost at Samurai Comics Glendale?

The price of "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" at Samurai Comics Glendale is USD $14.99.

Who is the publisher of "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)"?

The publisher of "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" is DK Publishing Co..

What is the genre of "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)"?

The genre of "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" is Kids.

What category does "Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" fall under?

"Noisy Trucks (Board Book)" falls under the category of Board Books.