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Batman Black & White Mini PVC Figure 7 Pack Set 4

USD $ 40.00

DC Collectibles' long-running BATMAN BLACK & WHITE statue line has captured the hearts of collectors and comics fans alike with its interpretations of the World's Greatest Detective and select Gotham City characters by the industry's brightest stars. Starting in 2019, DC Collectibles is creating an all-new offshoot of the beloved black-and-white collectibles line, this time offering 3.75-inch-tall PVC figures. Released in sets of seven, including resized rereleases of some of the most popular statues in the line's history, each set will come with six previously available mini figures, plus one exclusive, never-before-released edition only available in the set. Coming in November 2019, Box Set Four features figures (all figures are Batman unless otherwise noted) from: - Brian Bolland (the Penguin) - Carmine Infantino (Robin) - Carmine Infantino - Chris Uminga - Jae Lee - Brian Bolland - Norm Breyfogle (an exclusive mini-figure) $40.00 US With the exception of the Norm Breyfogle figure, these items will be offered in another market in individual blind bags.