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Concept Board Game

Concept Board Game

USD $44.99

Engaging and fun for the whole family
Use your creativity and imagination to solve the riddles from the visual clues
Easy rules have everyone playing in minutes
Guess the Clues! In Concept, players team-up to place tokens on a board covered in icons, depicting everything from ancient samurai, snails, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Points go to the player who can solve the riddles and visual clues to uncover the answer displayed by the various symbols.

Concept Board Game

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FAQs on Concept Board Game

How much does "Concept Board Game" cost at Samurai Comics Chandler?

The price of "Concept Board Game" at Samurai Comics Chandler is USD $44.99.

Who is the publisher of "Concept Board Game"?

The publisher of "Concept Board Game" is Asmodee.

What is the genre of "Concept Board Game"?

The genre of "Concept Board Game" is Gaming.

What category does "Concept Board Game" fall under?

"Concept Board Game" falls under the category of Games.