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Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia

Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia

USD $12.99

Gundam Exia, commencing armed intervention! Joining the SD EX-Standard series is a revitalization of the main Gundam from the Gundam 00 TV series. The new EX-Standard series has stronger proportions for the limbs which allow increased articulation and also cross compatibility with HG kits first seen in the SD Build Fighters models.

Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia

FAQs on Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia

How much does "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" cost at Samurai Comics Chandler?

The price of "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" at Samurai Comics Chandler is USD $12.99.

What brand is "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" associated with?

"Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" is associated with the Gundam brand.

Who is the publisher of "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia"?

The publisher of "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" is Bandai Hobby.

What is the genre of "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia"?

The genre of "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" fall under?

"Ex-Standard 003 Gundam Exia" falls under the category of Model Kits.