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Retro Paratrooper

Retro Paratrooper

USD $5.99

Throw it high and witch it fly! Our Retro Paratrooper includes a 17″ parachute and brave soldier.

Retro Paratrooper

FAQs on Retro Paratrooper

How much does "Retro Paratrooper" cost at Samurai Comics Chandler?

The price of "Retro Paratrooper" at Samurai Comics Chandler is USD $5.99.

Who is the publisher of "Retro Paratrooper"?

The publisher of "Retro Paratrooper" is Schylling Associates Inc.

What category does "Retro Paratrooper" fall under?

"Retro Paratrooper" falls under the category of Toys Building Sets.