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Wonder Woman #29 (2016)

Wonder Woman #29 (2016)

USD $4.00

'HEART OF THE AMAZON' part four! No single bounty hunter would be enough to draw blood from Wonder Woman-which is why the cabal that's so desperate to get their hands on Amazon DNA has sent five!

Wonder Woman #29 (2016)

FAQs on Wonder Woman #29 (2016)

How much does "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" cost at Samurai Comics Chandler?

The price of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" at Samurai Comics Chandler is USD $4.00.

What brand is "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" associated with?

"Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" is associated with the Wonder Woman brand.

Who is the publisher of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)"?

The publisher of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)"?

The genre of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" fall under?

"Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)"?

The artist of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" is David Messina. The cover artist is Jesus Merino.

Who is the writer of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)"?

The writer of "Wonder Woman #29 (2016)" is Shea Fontana.