Animosity #16 (Mature)

Animosity #16 (Mature)

USD $3.99 Marguerite Bennett [Writer] Published by-Aftershock Comics

About the Animosity #16 (Mature)

As Sandor prowls the Walled City, Jesse must struggle to free herself from the human supremacists before their hideous plan is complete... From Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, DC Bombshells & Batwoman) and Rafael de Latorre (SUPERZERO) comes the hit series that HAD to be told at AFTERSHOCK!

Faq's on Animosity #16 (Mature)

The price of "Animosity #16 (Mature)" at Stargazer Comics is USD $3.99.

"Animosity #16 (Mature)" is associated with the Animosity brand.

The publisher of "Animosity #16 (Mature)" is Aftershock Comics.

The genre of "Animosity #16 (Mature)" is Horror.

"Animosity #16 (Mature)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Animosity #16 (Mature)" is Rafael De Latorre. The cover artist is Rafael De Latorre.

The writer of "Animosity #16 (Mature)" is Marguerite Bennett.