Babyteeth #20 (Mature)

Babyteeth #20 (Mature)

USD $3.99 Donny Cates [Writer] Published by-Aftershock Comics

About the Babyteeth #20 (Mature)

Everything ends. Sadie prepares her son to meet his maker. Can the apocalypse be called off? Stay tuned for the exciting climax to BABYTEETH!

Faq's on Babyteeth #20 (Mature)

The price of "Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" at Stargazer Comics is USD $3.99.

The publisher of "Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" is Aftershock Comics.

The genre of "Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" is Action Adventure.

"Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" is Garry Brown. The cover artist is Garry Brown.

The writer of "Babyteeth #20 (Mature)" is Donny Cates.