A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)

A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)

USD $18.99

A kitten insists that his little-girl owner write an adventure story suitable for a TIGER and learns that you should be careful about what you wish for when the story becomes too scary.

When a little girl starts to write a story about her kitten playing with yarn, he doesn't like it one bit. He wants a story for his alter-ego TIGER--one that has pep and pizzazz--so the girl creates an adventure that the kitten jumps into. Darkness surrounds him (No light, no problem! says the kitten), venomous vipers drop from the trees (Snakes? I've got this), hungry hyenas circle the tiger--and suddenly the kitten begins to wonder if there can be such a thing as too much adventure. As the story gets scarier and scarier, he realizes that what one wants and what one needs are sometimes two different things. This time, he needs a quieter story.

A colorful and inventive picture book about a creative girl and her kitten.

A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)

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FAQs on A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)

How much does "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" cost at Strange Adventures Gilbert ?

The price of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" at Strange Adventures Gilbert is USD $18.99.

Who is the publisher of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)"?

The publisher of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" is Holiday House.

What are the genres of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)"?

The genres of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" are Humor, Juvenile Fiction - Animals - Cats, and Juvenile Fiction - Imagination & Play.

What category does "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" fall under?

"A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" falls under the category of Hardcover Books.

Who is the writer of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)"?

The writer of "A Quieter Story (Hardcover Book)" is Liza Woodruff.