Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)

Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)

USD $16.95

A heartwarming story of blossoming friendship between two aardvarks who are very much opposites.

Aalfred and Aalbert lead solitary lives. Sometimes, Aalfred thinks he might like to be part of a pair, and sometimes Aalbert thinks he might like to be one of two.

But Aalfred sleeps all day, and Aalbert sleeps all night—so how will the two ever meet?

Luckily, someone helps them to cross paths in an unexpected way, and Aalfred and Aalbert find that they go together quite well!

This adorable story about two aardvarks and an unlikely matchmaker will appeal to LGBTQ+ families. Author-illustrator Morag Hood keeps children laughing with funny mishaps and entertaining, teachable moments about relationships.

Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)

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FAQs on Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)

How much does "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" cost at Strange Adventures Gilbert ?

The price of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" at Strange Adventures Gilbert is USD $16.95.

Who is the publisher of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)"?

The publisher of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" is Holiday House.

What are the genres of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)"?

The genres of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" are Drama, Juvenile Fiction - LGBTQ+, and Juvenile Fiction - Love & Romance.

What category does "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" fall under?

"Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" falls under the category of Hardcover Books.

Who is the writer of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)"?

The writer of "Aalfred And Aalbert (Hardcover Book)" is Morag Hood.